31 October 2013


Dossiers may follow at a later date. In the meantime, here's a round up of ladies who spied for the Soviet Union with links to related Wiki pages:

*Alice Barrows (1878-1954) ~ LINK
*Elizabeth Bentley (1908-1963)~ LINK
Marion Davis Berdecio (1922-2006) ~ LINK
*Sylvia Lorraine Callen (aka Sylvia Callen Franklin) ~ LINK
Anna Vasil'yevna Chapman (1982-living) ~ LINK
Janet Chisholm (1929-2004) ~ LINK
*Leontine Theresa "Lona" Cohen (1913-1992) ~ LINK
*Judith (Coplon) Socolov (1921-2011) ~ LINK
*Martha Dodd (1908-1990) ~ LINK
*Eufrosina Dvoichenko-Markov (1901-1980) ~ LINK
Rae/Ray Elson ~ LINK
*Isabel Gallardo ~ LINK
Ethel "Bunty" Elizabeth Gee (1914-1984) ~ LINK
*Rebecca Getzoff ~ LINK
Vivian Glassman
*Sonia Steinman Gold ~ LINK
*Ruth Leah (Printz) Greenglass (1924-2008) ~ LINK
*Kitty Harris (1899-1966) ~ LINK
Edith Tudor Hart (1908-1973) ~ LINK
*Bella Joseph ~ LINK
*Emma Harriet Joseph ~ LINK
*Gertrude Kahn ~ LINK
*Helen Grace Reswich Scott Keenan ~ LINK
*Mary Jane Keeney (1898-1969) ~ LINK
*Helen Koral ~ LINK
*Christina Krotkova ~ LINK
*Helen Lowry (aka Elza Akrmerova) ~ LINK
*Hede (Tune) Massing (1900-1981) ~ LINK
Jenny Levy Miller (1906-) ~ LINK
*Francia Yakilnilna Mitynen (aka Edna Margaret Patterson) ~ LINK
Miriam Moskowitz
Elizaveta Mukasei (1912-2009)~ LINK
Gerda Munsinger (1929-1998)~ LINK
Melita Norwood (1912-2005) ~ LINK
Juliet Stuart Poyntz ~ LINK
*Mary Wolfe Price (1909-1980) ~ LINK
Olga Pravdina
Ruth Rivkin ~ LINK
Ethel Rosenberg (1918-1953) ~ LINK
*Helen Silvermaster (1899-1991) ~ LINK
Agnes Smedley (1892-1950) ~ LINK
Myra Soble (1904-1992) ~ LINK
Lydia Stahl (1890-) ~ LINK
*Anna Louise Strong ~ LINK
*Helen Tenney ~ LINK
*Margietta Voge ~ LINK
Zoya Voskresenskaya (1907-1992) ~ LINK
Majda Vrhovnik (1922-1945) ~ LINK
*Maria Wicher ~ LINK
*Ruth Beverly Wilson ~ LINK
*Flora Don Wovschin (1923-) ~ LINK
*Jane Foster Zlatovski (1912-1979)
Elizaveta "Zoya" Yulyevna Zarubina (1900-1987) ~ LINK

*See Verona Papers

Portland Spy Ring ~ A Soviet spy ring that operated in England in the late 1950s to 1961 when the core of the network was arrested by the British security services. It's one of the most famous examples of the use of illegal residents -- spies who operate in a foreign country but without the cover of it's embassy. Its members included Ethel Gee, Juliet Poyntz and Lona Cohen.

"Sasha" ~ An alleged Soviet mole in the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) during the Cold War. Under Public Law 96-450, or the "Mole Relief Act", C.I.A. employees accused of being Sasha and their careers subsequently ruined were allowed to receive government compensation. Though not suspected of being "Sasha", Vivian L. Parker was suspected to be a mole in the course of the Sasha molehunt.

Venona Papers ~ A list of names ostensibly deciphered from code names contained in the Venona project, an American government effort from 1943-1980 to decrypt coded messages by intelligence forces of the Soviet Union. To what extent some of the individuals named in the Venona papers were actually involved with Soviet intelligence is a topic of dispute.